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Baked Mussels with Tomato Concasse Recipe
Baked Mussels with Tomato Concasse Recipe
Baked Mussels with Tomato Concasse
by Chef Boy Logro

Kusina Master is a 15-minute cooking show that features a step-by-step cooking guide and unfold excellent kitchen skills and unravel secrets to make cooking and food preparation effortless and fun.

Survivor Philippines 2012 Celebrity Showdown castaway Maey Bautista is totally blown away by the first dish that Chef Boy Logro presents to her. Baked Mussels with Tomato Concasse. She can't comprehend how it is possible that so delicious a dish can be done in so simple and so easy a manner!

kusina ingredients
  • 6 pieces Australian mussel (or big size tahong)
  • 1 cup tomato concasse
  • ¼ cup bread crumbs
  • ½ cup hollandaise sauce
  • 100 grms mozarella cheese
  • 20 grms parsley

kusina instructions

1. Place half shell of mussels on baking tray stuffed with tomato concasse on top with a sprinkle of bread crumbs.

2. Add grated mozzarella cheese and hollandaise sauce.

3. Oven bake until golden brown.

4. Arrange on platter and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

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