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Kalamay Pinipig Recipe
Kalamay Pinipig
Pounded Green Rice Pudding

Pinipig is actually immature glutinous rice that is harvested and pounded into what look more like light green flakes. The flakes are moist and redolent with a fragrance that is simply unique. They are almost the quintessence of rice.

Kalamay is usually made from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar. It has different versions, consistency, texture and packaging depending on location. Kalamay Pinipig is a delicious native dessert of fresh green pinipig cooked in coconut cream

kusina ingredients 
3 cups first class pinipig
1 cup thin coconut cream
2 cups thick coconut cream
2 cups thick coconut cream (for latik)
1 cup sugar

kusina instructions
1. Soak pinipig in thin coconut cream or 1/2 hour. Boil thick coconut cream with sugar until syrupy.

2. Add with thin coconut cream and cook slowly until it does not stick to the pan. Pour into serving dish lines with banana leaf and sprinkle latik on top.

3. For Latik, slowly simmer coconut cream, without stirring until light brown curds form. Use the curds as topping.



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