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Mango Ice Drop Recipe
Mango Ice Drop
by Del Monte Kitchenomics

Dory with Tequila Mango Sauce and Toyomansi Caviar is a delicious proof that, indeed, Filipino Chefs are world-class and Filipino cuisines is at par with the worlds best.

kusina ingredients 
  • 3 cans Del Monte Mango Juice Drink (240 ml each)
  • ½ cup (+ 2 tbsp) Evaporated Milk    
  • ½ cup Sugar    
kusina instructions
1. Combine all ingredients and pour into ice drop Mold. Freeze until almost firm.

2. Insert popsicle sticks at the center. Freeze overnight.

*Other DEL MONTE Juice Drink Variants you can use: Sweetened Pineapple Crush, Sweetened Pineapple-Lychee, Sweetened Four Seasons, Sweetened Mango and Sweetened Pineapple.
Eugene Domingo



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