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Kinilaw na Talaba Recipe
Kinilaw na Talaba
Oysters Ceviche

Oysters have been a favorite of food lovers and romantics throughout the centuries. The oyster has maintained a timeless mystique when it comes to passion. This bivalve is considered as one of man’s most nearly balanced natural food. It is a cheap source of protein and contains substantial quantities of all minerals and vitamins essential to the human diet.

kusina ingredients 

  • 1 kilo talaba
  • ½ cup vinegar or suka tuba
  • ½ tbsp salt
  • 5 pcs small onions
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper
  • 1 thumb-sized Ginger
  • 1 medium sized Cucumber
  • 1 medium sized Raddish
  • ajinimoto seasoning

kusina instructions
1. Scrape the meat out from the shell of the talaba, wash the meat with water and set aside. It would also be best to soak the the talaba meat in water to keep it fresh.

2. Chop onion, ginger, cucumber, raddish and place it a mixing bowl. Add the salt and the talaba meat into the mixing bowl mix the ingredients well.

3. Add the salt, ajinimoto seasoning and suka or vinegar. The vinegar is the cooking ingredient of the dish. Chill for at least 1 hour. Serve with chili to make the dish more tempting to eat.



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