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Baye-Baye Recipe

Baye-baye (pronounced as báhyeh báhyeh) is a Filipino native snacks made from newly harvested rice, ground glutinous rice, pinipig or corn. Baye-baye is among the most ubiquitous native Ilonggo delicacies. Throughout the years, baye-baye remained true to form – simple yet delicious.

Baye-baye is known to be a perfect match for coffee or sodas. It is also well-loved by children because of its sweet consistent taste. It is also said that the delicacy is named "baye-baye" because it was believed before that the men are the ones who often prepare this due to the tedious process of pounding the ingredients in the lusong.

kusina ingredients 
2 cups pinipig (you can substitute this with corn or glutinous rice)
1½ cups young coconut, grated
1 cup coconut water
½ cup sugar

kusina instructions
1. Grind toasted pinipig.

2. In a bowl, mix ground pinipig, coconut water and sugar. 

3. Blend well and add grated young coconut.

4. Divide into serving portions. Wrap each serving in banana leaves or wax paper.

5. Chill before serving.



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