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Seafood Kare-Kare Recipe
Seafood Kare-Kare Recipe
by Del Monte Quick n Easy

Now that you've got Del Monte Quick n Easy, you no longer have to shy away from complex dishes! Just follow these quick and easy steps to achieve lutong parang expert Seafood Kare-Kare with Del Monte Quick 'n Easy Kare-Kare Mix. Confidence in the kitchen? Achieve! #QNEAchieveKoYan

kusina ingredients 
  • ½ kg medium squid (ink sac, backbone and eyes removed, sliced)
  • ¼ kg medium shrimps trimmed
  • 1 pack (50g) Del Monte Quick n Easy Kare-Kare Mix (Dissolved in ¾ cup tahong broth)
  • 300 grms large tahong
  • 100 grms Pechay Tagalog 
  • 100 grms sitaw sliced
  • 100 grms banana heart (trimmed, sliced and soaked in water)
  • 1-½ tbsp ginger strips
  • 2 tbsp taba ng langka (optional)
  • 1 tsp calamansi juice
kusina instructions
1. Season squid with calamansi juice and ¼ tsp iodized fine salt. Fry for 3 minutes or until changed in color. Set aside.

2. Boil tahong in 2 cups water until shells are just opened, discard half shell and reserve stock. 

3. Combine DEL MONTE Quick n Easy Kare-Kare Mix mixture with sitaw , ginger and drained banana heart in pan. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Add shrimps, taba ng talangka and tahong. Stir. Simmer for 5 minutes. 

5. Add pechay and squid. Simmer, while stirring continuously for 3 minutes or until cooked.



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