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Beef Steak with Eggs and Potatoes Recipe
Beef Steak with Eggs and Potatoes Recipe
by Lee Kum Kee

Bistek (Filipino Beef Steak) Bistek is a Filipino dish which typically consists of beef marinated in soy sauce and calamansi. Here’s a classic Pinoy dish with a Lee Kum Kee twist! 

kusina ingredients 
500 grms Beef; cut to strips
2 Potatoes; cut lengthwise
½ Red Onion; cut ot half rings
2-3 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce
2 Eggs
Cooking Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
kusina instructions
1. Heat oil in pan. Fry 2 eggs then set aside.

2. In the same pan, add the beef and season with Panda Brand Oyster Sauce, salt and pepper.

3. Let it simmer until the sauce reduces, then set aside.

4. Heat oil in pan and lightly fry the potatoes until golden brown.

5. Add the onions and sauté.

6. Mix in the beef mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place in a serving platter then add the 2 eggs on top. Garnish and enjoy!



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